Name: Santiago Perez-Fadón Martínez


In 2016 he founded his own consulting company: Fadón Engineering S.L.

Sincé that date he has made: Stay Bridge Tender in Mobile, Alabama, USA, 420 m span. Cantiléver Bridge over Danube river in Bratislava 210 m span. Valdebebas Arch Bridge 100 m span in Barajas, Madrid. Splitting and widening road Burgos Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia. Antofagasta Calama higway, Chile. Ruta 66 Camino de la Fruta highway tender. Uruguay Central Railway, Montevideo Paso de los Toros, Concession Tender.

In 1998 he was appointed Technical Director of Ferrovial-Agromán National and International for all specialties. Since then until 2015 was responsible for projects and technical problems for: roads, railways, bridges, ports, hydraulic, building structures, electrical and mechanical treatment plants, and the environment. From this period are his most important bridges projects: bridge to Arosa Island constructed with self-launching Falsework. Constructed by segmental cantilever: Cruzul Viaduct in Los Nogales, Galicia, bridge over the Ebro River in Benifallet, etc. Segment Bridges Span by Span placed: Bridge over the Miño River. Bridge Composite Segments in Alcala de Henares over the N II highway traffic. Constructed by in situ cantilever: "Despe te que suas" Viaduct Azores 185 m span, Juncal Viaduct Canary Island 125 m span. Composite Ricobayo Arch, Zamora. Several Bridges Desk Pushed for the Spanish High Speed Railway. Los Tilos Arch, Span record of Spain at the time of its inauguration (255 m), La Palma Island, Canary Islands. Stay Cable Bridges: Marbella Bridge, Malaga. Segura Bridge, Murcia. Extradosed Bridge: Vistula River, Kwidzyn, Poland. Extradosed Bridge: River Erne Ireland. Stay Cable Bridge: Nippigon, Canada. Innovation: Erques Bowstring with the arch tubes filled with expansive concrete. Tenerife Island, Canary Islands. Tender Design of Messina Bridge. Record World Suspended Bridge.  

In 1993 he was appointed Technical Director of civil works for Ferrovial-Agroman. From that time are his main highway projects: Motorway of La Costa del Sol (Malaga-Estepona-Guadiaro), Madrid-4 Radial highway, Ocaña La Roda Highway. Azores highway, Dallas USA Motorways (North Tarrant Express 35w and Lyndon Baines Johnson Motorway 35E and 635, Toronto Highway ETR 407, Canada. etc.)

In 1981 He moved from the engineering company Euroestudios, S. A. to construction company Ferrovial, S. A. and from that date until 1992 is Deputy Technical Director for civil engineering work mainly dedicated to projects of bridges and highways projects.

From 1977 to 1980 he was in roads department Euroestudios, S.A. at different levels. In this period he made numerous roads projects. Particularly in since 1977 until 1978 he directed the Burgos Málzaga motorway project. In 1979 he was named head of the Roads speciality at Euroestudios, S.A.

Between 1974 and 1976 directs one of the bridges projects Department at Euroestudios and it begins projecting Bilbao - Behobia motorway bridges and then projected many others.

Since 1971 until 1973 is a period of training through various specialties of projects at Euroestudios, S.A.: Bridges, ports, geotechnical engineering, computing and layout of roads.